Automated PC drip irrigation system, Shandong, China
Location: Shandong, China
Application: Agricultural irrigation
Water source: Groundwater
Solution: Automated PC drip irrigation system

An investment corporation had acquired 150 hectares of land to develop an apple orchard. The sandy soil site was previously used to grow wheat and corn.

The client had employed technicians from an agriculture company to support the creation of the new orchard. The temperate monsoon climate meant that an irrigation system was required to provide water during the dry season.

We designed, supplied and supervised the installation of a complete PC drip irrigation system for the orchard. This included automated controls to ensure optimum levels of irrigation during the different seasons.

The client has been impressed with the results of the irrigation solution which has ensured a high rate of survival for the young apple trees. The company plans to continue to expand the orchard in the future.