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Based in Mt. Brydges, ON, we’ve been serving farmers across Canada and the US for over 15 years. Our goal is to provide innovative agricultural solutions that balance quality and price.

Whether you’re farming in an open field or a greenhouse, we have the expertise and products to help your operation thrive.

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Farm Supply & Agricultural Irrigation Product Wholesaler

In regions with little precipitation throughout the growing season, irrigation is a crucial agricultural technique. Heartnut Grove WWT provides a total watering solution. Contact Heartnut Grove WWT today to learn more about our agricultural irrigation solutions for increased crop production and efficient field drainage.
Agricultural Supply

We offer a wide range of horticulture products and top of line brands to ensure the best growth protection and all the support your plants need to thrive.

Dripline Farming Supplies

From a single component to a full system, we are offering the highest end of irrigation products, together with engineering and technical support, to maintain efficient operation and increase yields for years to come.

Rain Flo Model Tractor

We offer a comprehensive range of professional and reliable agriculture equipment and machinery tailored to meet the unique needs of your crops.

Large silage bales wrapped in white plastic

We are a distributor for the leading brands in the silage global market, offering high-quality bags, wraps, sheeting, and twine, for any feed storing purpose.

Check out our exclusive special offers to provide exceptional value and savings for our valued customers.

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Improve Your Farming Operations

Farm Equipment

Through Heartnut Grove, you can rent equipment for as long as necessary, empowering you to tackle peak farming periods and specific projects with confidence.

irrigation design services

We offer full hydraulic designs for any kind of irrigation system, location, and usage. Let our experienced engineers walk you through the fields and find the best system for you.

Take a look at our irrigation projects around the world, capitalizing on our system’s wide range of capabilities to maximize the field’s potential.

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