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With farmers in mind, we want you to experience exceptional service and quality products ranging from agriculture stretch film, baling twine, net wrap, silage bags, and bunker covers that will stand up to the toughness of the job.

Whether you need a single roll, a pallet, or a truckload, we will accommodate your needs, no matter how big or small.

Silage Bags & Storage For Your Farm

Effective Solutions & High-Quality Products

It can be detrimental to your operation if your crop is not effectively stored or protected. While cheap or recycled products may save you money upfront, in the long run, their ineffectiveness at blocking oxygen and the increased risk of punctures can affect the overall outcome of the final product.

HG WWT offers industry-leading silage and baling products to ensure your crop will produce the maximum quality and nutrition.

If we don’t have what you require, we will do our best to outsource your farming solutions.

Bale Wrap

Agricultural Stretch Film is made of high-quality low-density polyethylene which provides a strong elastic stretch to ensure a high resistance to punctures and creates the conditions necessary for an effective ensiling process. This process requires low oxygen levels to converts carbohydrates into preserving lactic acid. HG WWT provides multiple high-quality film brands that range from: Specs: Layers: 1/5/7, Width: 750mm, Lengths: 1500m/1900m, Thickness: 21/25 microns, Color: White/Green

Silage & Grain Bags

Quality silage bags for storage of animal feed and grain. The bags are made with high-quality polyolefin which makes the bags soft, UV resistant, and durable. Our bags are made of a white/black multi-layer film with UV protection, and these layers make the bags weatherproof and protected from direct sunlight.

Silage bags are used to store Green and Nutrias animal feeds like maize, sorghum, etc., with minimum air inside the bag which keeps the fodder eatable for a longer period of time. Silage bags can preserve feeds for up to 3 years.

Sizes: Diameters: 6.5’, 8’ 9’, 10’, 12’ Lengths: 100’, 150’, 200’, 250’, 300’, 400’, 500’ Ask us! We also carry the end caps that are an integral part of the bagging process.


Bunker Cover

We understand that silage plastic plays a critical role in preserving feed. In general, it prevents oxygen from getting into your silage, which decreases dry matter loss and protects the nutrients. The objective is to prevent as much oxygen as possible from entering your pile during feed storage.

Reap the benefits of premium covers that are high-strength, UV-stabilized, and have superior puncture and tear resistance.

Sizes: 5mil Widths: 24’, 32’, 40’, 50’, 60’ Lengths: 100’, 150’, 200’, 1,000’ Ask us! We also carry gravel bags.

Net Wrap

Crop Packaging Products (CPP) is a specialty of ours. HG-WWT offers packaging solutions and protective products for the agricultural market. Check out our line-up of net wrap for hay, straw, and silage.

We proudly offer our customers the best quality products that are both cost-effective and result in non-stop, high-quality baling.

Specs: 48” x 9,840’, 51” x 9,840’ Colours: white and green


You can bale with confidence with twine and sisal products that are tested and guaranteed to exceed declared strengths and lengths – outperforming the competition. This means less downtime for changeovers and twine breaks.

These high-density products have tested lengths that outperform the competition and provide maximum strength, shock resistance, and UV protection.

Specs: Big Square: 4000-440/ 500/ 550, 3600/ 650, 3900-600/ 650/ 700, Small Square: 12000- 180, Round: 28000-110, 40000-110

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