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Transitioning to LED lighting not only positions your business at the forefront of innovation but also opens doors to government grants and incentives. By making the switch, you can maximize your business’s expansion while simultaneously reducing energy demands, leading to enhanced sustainability and significant cost savings.

Our comprehensive range of lighting solutions caters to various agricultural environments. Whether you’re involved in Greenhouses & Cannabis cultivation, Under Canopy setups, Vertical Farming systems, or other indoor growing operations, we have the perfect lighting solution tailored to meet your specific needs.

Greenhouse & Cannabis

Indoor growing effectiveness leans heavily on the number of protons available from your grow light system. These are measured in micromoles (μmol). Using LED technology, you can maximize your μmol output while reducing the required energy to produce them. We offer a range of greenhouse lighting solutions in varying wattages, spectrums, and optical patterns.

Under Canopy

Under canopy lights are designed to be placed below the crop canopy. By using under canopy lighting, the light intensity within the canopy increases, allowing older, but still, functional leaves to photosynthesize more and subsequently increase yields.


Under canopy lights are generally used to supplement traditional overhead lighting sources. Often, the amount of supplemental lighting from overhead lights or the number of overhead fixtures can be reduced when both are used.

Vertical Farming

When space is at a minimum, go vertical! Current trends in LED lighting have expanded the options available to vertical farmers by reducing the size, heat output, and energy consumption of fixtures.

With compact designs with varying wattages and spectrums of light, appropriate lighting has proven to bolster yields and increase the efficiency of your operation.

Commercial Lighting

We also offer a variety of lighting solutions for any style of building including warehouses, livestock barns, outdoor spaces, and more.


Please speak with a sales representative for more information about your commercial lighting needs.

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