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Discover the remarkable benefits of this essential tool that safeguards crops and enhances their growth and productivity.

Durable Row Covers For Vegetation

Durable Row Covers For Vegetation

Our agricultural row covers consist of lightweight fabrics and nets designed to create a protective shield directly over rows of plants. By creating a physical barrier between the plants and the surrounding environment, these covers offer invaluable protection.

Experience the transformative impact of row covers on your farming operations. Witness improved crop health, accelerated growth, and increased productivity as our covers shield your plants from adverse weather conditions, pests, and other potential threats. With precise control over the microclimate, row covers provide a favorable environment, shielding your plants from temperature fluctuations, wind, and excessive sunlight.


Using Agribon® helps to increase quality and earlier production. Agribon® is a non-woven fabric cover, ultra-light, and resistant to exposure to the environment; it allows light, water, and air to pass through and is reusable.

Agribon® comes in a vast array of sizes as well as various densities, providing a range of very lightweight covers to heavier over-wintering fabric for certain crops.

Sizes: Each thickness comes in a variety of sizes both in length and width.

Grow Guard

Gro-Guard UV protects crops from frost, insects, and extreme weather changes. This is a seamless fabric.

Sizes: Each thickness comes in a variety of sizes both in length and width.

GG-20 is excellent for Insect and Pest Control because it is a lightweight fabric, providing 85% light transmission 5° F of freeze protection. 6 oz/ sq yd.

GG-40 is an intermediate weighted fabric that offers added freeze protection to 10°F and 60% light transmission. 1.2 oz/sq yd.

Hoop Wire

Wire hoops are an essential accessory in many aspects of farming operations. Hoop wires are almost always used with floating row cover to assist in the suspension of covers. Wires are made of 3/16” heavy-duty high tensile steel and are available in different sizes for pre-curved wires and one size for straight wire.

Sizes: 64” straight wire 100/ bundle 76” straight wire 100/ bundle 64” pre-arched wire 100/ bundle.


A DuPont value product, known by its branded name, Typar T-518. Typar floating row covers offer a heavy and strong cover, giving reliable frost protection but still transmitting plenty of light. Excellent for all crops and seasons.

Specs: 1.25 oz/sq. yd. cloth weight A variety of sizes both in length and width are available.

Green Sand Bag

Our Green, heavy-duty bags are created to last. Ideal for sand or gravel filler. They are UV protected and have a 15-year warranty. 250 bags per case.


Sizes: 27cm x 120cm and 27cm x 70cm -each with a tie string and handles

Orange Woven Bag

Ideal for packaging heavy parts and supplies, or you can use them as sand-filled flood barriers. Woven polypropylene resists punctures and tears. Maximum UVI protection – lasts 1,600 hours in the sun.

Sizes: 14” x 26” -each with a tie string

Black Poly Anchor Bag

These UV-treated anchor bags can be filled with sand, dirt, or gravel and used to secure the row cover. For plastic bags, use cable ties to close them.

Size: 6mil Black Plastic 12″ x 24″ 250 bags per case

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