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High-Quality Agricultural Netting

Welcome to Heartnut Grove WWT, where we provide top-quality agricultural netting to protect your valuable vegetation.

Our range of agricultural netting products is designed to safeguard your crops from insects, thrips, and hail, ensuring their health and productivity.

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Protect Your Vegetation

With our reliable agricultural netting, you can create a secure barrier that effectively shields your vegetation from harmful pests and insects. Say goodbye to potential crop damage caused by pests, as our netting acts as a reliable defense system, preventing them from accessing and infesting your plants.

Furthermore, our agricultural netting offers protection against unpredictable weather conditions, particularly hail. By deploying our netting, you can mitigate the risks of hail damage, safeguarding the integrity and growth of your vegetation.

Thrip Netting

Our Thrip Netting is made from high-density UV-protected polyethylene for many years of service. This product provides crop protection against thrips and all insects. It also provides protection from hail, wind, and birds. Thrips netting significantly reduces or eliminates the use of chemical pesticides and is great for organic growing.

Net specifications:

• Polyethylene, UV protected 3% (up to 5 years against UV breakdown)

• Available in rolls of 4 meter x 50 meters, and 4 meters x 100 meters

• 125 grams per square meter

• 50 x 25 filaments per square inch

• Mesh size .29mm x .8mm • 20% shade factor

• Colour – Semi-transparent white

Hail/Insect Netting

This durable netting is ideal for organic gardening and organic farming, providing bug protection without pesticides. Our Hail / Insect Netting provides protection against insects including Japanese beetles, stink bugs, and grasshoppers, as well as birds and hail – all in one application.

It can be used as floating row crop covers or hoop netting, cherry tree cover, or fruit tree cover. These nets are made from high-density UV-protected polyethylene for many years of service. Reinforced edges with buttonholes for tie-down or joining every inch. Our insect/ hail netting is made from high-density UV-protected polyethylene for many years of service.

Our insect/ hail nets also serve multiple uses, all in one application: Hail netting, Insect protection net, Japanese beetle net, Stink bug net, Bird barrier net, Grasshopper net, Floating row crop covers, Hail protection for orchard crops, Hoop netting, and Fruit tree covers.

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