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Introducing our advanced Farms & Agriculture Irrigation System, designed to revolutionize the way you manage irrigation in your farming operations.

Our state-of-the-art system combines cutting-edge technology with intelligent water management to optimize crop growth, conserve water, and maximize productivity.

Farms & Agriculture Subsurface Irrigation System

Reliable Irrigation Systems

Introducing our dependable Subsurface Irrigation Lines, the ultimate solution for efficient and precise water delivery in your agricultural endeavors.

Designed to optimize water usage and minimize waste, our products ensure that water reaches your plants’ root zones with accuracy and reliability.

Speed Riser Assemblies

Irrigation applied underground eliminates surface water evaporation. Compared to evaporation as high as 45% with sprinkler irrigation (Measurements of evaporation during sprinkler irrigation, University of Southern Queensland, 2012)


By applying water directly to the plants no water is being applied to the interrow. Less water in the inter rows or on the surface means fewer weeds, and fewer costs (herbicides) to eradicate the weeds.


When a drip lateral is buried 30 cm, roots need to ‘chase’ the water. This leads to a very healthy root structure that penetrates deep into the ground as opposed to concentrating on the surface.

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