Silage & Grain Bags

Quality silage bags for storage of animal feed and grain. The bags are made with high-quality polyolefin which makes the bags soft, UV resistant, and durable. Our bags are made of a white/black multi-layer film with UV protection, and these layers make the bags weatherproof and protected from direct sunlight.

Silage bags are used to store Green and Nutrias animal feeds like maize, sorghum, etc., with minimum air inside the bag which keeps the fodder eatable for a longer period of time. Silage bags can preserve feeds for up to 3 years.

Advanced Grain Storage Solutions

Maintain Grain Quality and Freshness

Storing grain effectively is critical for maintaining its quality and market value. Our grain bags are engineered to provide an airtight seal that keeps out pests and moisture, ensuring your grain stays dry and fresh. With Heartnut Grove WWT’s grain storage solutions, you can rest assured that your harvest is well-protected until it’s ready to be processed or sold.

Our grain bags are specifically designed to protect and maintain the quality of your harvested grain. With a focus on preventing moisture ingress and infestation, our storage solutions help to preserve the freshness and value of your grain from the field to the market.

Versatile Storage Applications

Whether you’re looking to store forage for animal feed or grain for future use, our bags offer the versatility to meet your storage needs. Their robust design and protective features make them suitable for a wide range of agricultural products, providing flexibility and reliability to your storage strategy.

Cost-Effective Feed Preservation

Maximize your investment with our cost-effective silage and grain bags. By preserving the quality and nutritional content of your feed and grain, you reduce waste and save on future feed costs, making our storage solutions a smart choice for your farming operation.

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