Fertilizer Solutions

Fertilizer Solutions

Hydraulic Injector (Tefen/Dosatron)

A water-driven proportioning injector, no outside power supply needed. Units include a wall mounting bracket, suction tube connectors, 7′ of 3/8″ pick-up/suction tubing with foot valve strainer, and a replacement lip seal kit.



Pressure range: 2.9-120psi

Induction ratio: 1:111-1:1000, 1:50-1:500, 1.25-1:250


  • Type Proportioning dosing injector

  • Working pressure (psi) 3 – 116

  • Flow rate (gph) 5 – 6600

  • Proportioning range (%) 0.1% – 5%

Venturi Injector (Mazzei)

Mazzei injectors are high efficiency, Venturitype, differential pressure injectors. A pressure difference between the inlet and the outlet of the injector creates a vacuum inside the body, which results in suction through the suction port. The suction can then be used to inject and mix fertilizers and water treatment chemicals into the water.

Mazzei injectors are trouble-free because there are no moving parts, and long life because they are molded from chemical resistant polypropylene.

Sizes: 3/4”, 1”, 11 /2”, 2”, 3”, 4” injectors

Materials PP / PVDF

Working pressure (psi) 5 – 120

Flow rate (gph) 0.17 – 530

Inlet/outled id (inches) 3/4″ – 4″

Green Jet Fertilizer Injector

Green JET is a fully configurable, cost-effective fertilizer/acid dosing unit system that precisely and accurately injects fertilizers according to field/plant requirements. Requiring minimal capital investment and operating in any site conditions, Green JET optimizes the main irrigation lines’ available water flow rate and pressure to ensure maximum efficiency. Green-Jet Fertilizer injectors perform real-time monitoring and control while providing the best possible plant nutrition under any growing conditions. These units deliver the most accurate fertigation possible by:

  • Controlling the amount of fertilizer relative to the amount of water  
  • Simultaneously measuring and adjusting the EC PH values to the exact level the plant requires for optimal growth
  • Flexible/modular fertigation system
  • Suitable for soil and soilless media crops
  • Minimal capital investment
  • Reduced water, fertilizer, and energy consumption
  • Very high level of EC and pH control
  • Nearly maintenance-free Venturi operations – No moving parts