Growing and Drainage Systems

HorticultureGrowing and Drainage Systems

Drainage Gutter

Mapal has few systems to collect drainage from grow bags, their main product is Mapal 6.5-22-6.5 drainage gutter plus its 200 mm width spacer.


• Alternative drainage gutters are available according to the grower’s needs.

• Wide selection of spacers used in a wide range of cultivations.

Trough System

Mapal hydroponic products serve growing solutions for vegetables, cut flowers, strawberries, and other berries, herbs, and cannabis.


In all the trough systems the grower can easily collect and recycle the drainage water and nutrients.

Strawberry Hanging Grow System

This system is composed of 3 main parts:


1. Growing container: The polypropylene containers are resistant to all methods of sterilization including steam. This container is filled with bulk coco-peat fiber

2. PVC gutter for collecting the irrigation water drainage: The PVC gutter is produced with recycled materials. The gutter comes in different lengths according to the grower’s requirements (Most gutters are 5.85 Meter in length).

3. A drainage collecting end system: The grower needs one drainage end system for every row.