Heartnut Grove Agricultural Solutions

Born from the need to find orchard supplies for Heartnut Grove -the orchard, an evolution of opportunity took place back in 2002 that transformed a small orchard business into a supplier of agricultural products. 

In no time, the business continued to grow and expand as it has ever since, selling across Canada; into the U.S.; Mexico, and other parts of the world. In 2019, the HG (Heartnut Grove) was acquired by Water Ways Technologies (WWT). Water Ways Technologies is a Canadian company that does business and has offices in various countries across 5 continents.

Even with our growth, our promise remains the same, to continue to serve the existing customer relationships that we had established, sell great quality goods, work to improve farming operations, and continue to grow to an even better future.

Service with Certainty

Our reputation is based on Certainty. Certainty for you is getting the best products at the right time and competitively priced. For us, that means earning your trust by offering you the best advice, appropriate solutions and being able to count on us to assist and support you in making smart choices for your business or project.

Tracking shot. Drone point of view of a Tractor spraying on a cultivated field. Small Business.
Your success and satisfaction are our priorities. Not only is product and price an integral part of our strategy, but new and innovative offerings are something that we continue to strive for because this is what helps us to help you to be more productive and more efficient and ultimately contributes to your bottom line.
John Pol CEO
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